Ŕ ˛ Ó

My first harp came from the magical hands of Michele Sangineto in 1983. The impression that this harp's metal strings gave my fingers was as if I were playing an instrument belonging to water and fire. Thanks to it I felt in me a growing desire to dig deeply into the Irish Culture, the same one as the fairy tales and legends that began to take shape in the works of Whisky Trail. Great were my emotions when discovering that, once upon a time, every string of the harp corresponded to a tree of the forest, a letter of the alphabet, a month of the lunar year... and even more so, while reading 'The Frenzy of Suibhne', I discovered that in those rhymes, behind the names of those trees, the notes of an ancient musical score could be hidden. This score was played: my harp had awaken a world that had been sleeping for more than a thousand years... in those years other harpists had plucked metal strings in Ireland, many were praised and acclaimed, but others were persecuted and obliged to hide when power seemed to win over the harp's music. My heartfelt gratitude goes to those musicians who were able to hand down the miracle of their infinite melodies, the secrets of their magical ornaments, the harmonies that evoke images of the Celtic Cosmos.
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