A b� find (from an ancient Irish lyric)

A b� find in rega lim i tir n-ingnad
Hi fil rind? Is bar sobairche folt and is dath
Snechtai corp co ind is and nad b� mu� na to�

Gela d�t and dubai brai is l� sula lin
Ar sluag is dath sion and cech gruad is corcur maige
Cach muin is l� sula ugae luin

Amra tire tir as-biur a ben dia ris
Mo thath tind is barr oir bias for chind muc ur
Laith lemnath la lind rot-bia lim and a b� find

There's a woman (S. Corsi)

There's a woman hidden sheltered
Hidden and dug inside me
There's a woman whose breath blows
In a conch-shell inside me

There's a woman whose voice is
A song in my ear
There's a woman whose smile weakens me
When she looks at me when she looks

There's a woman whose foot dances
When it grazes lightly the ground
There's a woman whose wide skirt
Wraps around all my head wraps around

There's a woman whose light perfume
Penetrates strong inside me
There's a woman whose name stays
Dug in my mind dug in

To Ireland in the coming Times (W.B. Yeats)

Know that I would accounted be
True brother of a company
That sang to sweeten Ireland's wrong
Story rann song

Because the red rose bordered hem
Of her whose history began
Before God made the angelic clan
Trails all about the written page

When Time began to rage
The measure of her flying feet
Made Ireland's heart begin to beat
And Time bade his candles flare

To light the measure here and there
After the red rose bordered hem
Of her who is the druids land
And of the faeries dancing under the moon

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